Microbial Metabolism

Microbial metabolism is the means by which a microbe obtains the energy and nutrients (e.g. carbon) it needs to live and reproduce. Microbes use many different types of metabolic strategies and species can often be differentiated from each other based on metabolic characteristics. The specific metabolic properties of a microbe are the major factors in determining that microbe’s ecological niche, and often allow for that microbe to be useful in industrial processes or responsible for biogeochemical cycles.

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Biochemical Oxygen Demand - Background
... This microbial metabolism creates an oxygen demand proportional to the amount of organic compounds useful as food ... Under some circumstances, microbial metabolism can consume dissolved oxygen faster than atmospheric oxygen can dissolve into the water or the autotrophic community (algae, cyanobacteria and macrophytes) can ... Fish and aquatic insects may die when oxygen is depleted by microbial metabolism ...
Microbial Metabolism - Nitrogen Fixation
... Nitrogen fixation can be found distributed throughout nearly all bacterial lineages and physiological classes but is not a universal property ... Because the enzyme nitrogenase, responsible for nitrogen fixation, is very sensitive to oxygen which will inhibit it irreversibly, all nitrogen-fixing organisms must possess some mechanism to keep the concentration of oxygen low ...

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