Michael IV

Michael IV may refer to:

  • Byzantine Emperor Michael IV the Paphlagonian (r. 1034–1041)
  • Ecumenical Patriarch Patriarch Michael IV of Constantinople (1207–1213)
  • Pope Michael IV of Alexandria (1092–1102)

Other articles related to "michael, michael iv":

Angelid Dynasty - Macedonian Dynasty (867–1056)
... he rose in prominence through palace service, becoming a favourite of Michael III ... He overthrew Michael and established the Macedonian dynasty. 866, likely either son of Basil I or Michael III, Leo was known for his erudition ...
Zoe Porphyrogenita - From Romanos III To Michael V: 1028–1042
... however, in 1033 Zoe herself became enamoured of her courtier Michael ... Hearing the rumours, Romanos was concerned and confronted Michael, but he denied the accusations. 11, 1034, Romanos III was found dead in his bath, and there was speculation that Zoe and Michael had had him poisoned, then strangled or drowned ...
Michael IV The Paphlagonian - Reign - Foreign and Military Affairs
... In military affairs, Michael's reign began badly ... On the western front, in Sicily, Michael and John ordered the general George Maniakes to drive the Arabs out of the island ... Michael IV made things worse by removing from command the doux of Dyrrhachium, who had been marching against Peter Delyan, accusing him of a conspiracy ...

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