Mexican Cuisine - Mexican Food Outside of Mexico

Mexican Food Outside of Mexico

Most Mexican food found outside of Mexico is usually bland and limited, generally based on the food of far northern Mexico and the Southwest U.S. Nachos, burritos and chimichangas are U.S. inventions for the most part. However, with the growing ethnic Mexican population in the United States, more authentic Mexican food is appearing in the country. One reason is that Mexican immigrants use food as a means of combating homesickness and for their descendents, it is a symbol of ethnicity. Alternatively, With more Americans experiencing Mexican food in Mexico, there is a growing demand for more authentic flavors . In addition U.S. chefs like Rick Bayless believe that in order to cook the food properly, you need to understand the culture, if not be born into it. For this reason, Bayless takes employees of his Mexican restaurants to Mexico each year to experience the food first-hand in order to reproduce it more authentically back in Chicago.

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