Mexican Army

The Mexican Army (Spanish: Ejército Mexicano) is the combined land and air branch and largest of the Mexican Military services; it is also known as the National Defense Army. It was the first army to adopt and use an automatic rifle, (the Mondragón rifle), in 1899, and the first to issue automatic weapons as standard issue weapons, in 1908. The Mexican Army has an active duty force of 192,000 (2011 est.).

Mexico has no foreign nation-state adversaries and little ambition to impose itself upon other nations. It repudiates the use of force to settle disputes and rejects interference by one nation in the affairs of another. Although it has not suffered a major international terrorist incident in recent decades, Mexico considers itself a potential target for international terrorism.

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Siege Of The Alamo - February 24
... Throughout the day, the Mexican army reconnoitered the Alamo defenses ... Santa Anna personally presided over the distribution of shoes to some members of his army ... At roughly the same time, he ordered a Mexican artillery battery consisting of two 8-lb cannon and a mortar located 350 yards (320 m) from the Alamo to begin firing ...
List Of Texas Revolution Battles
... Texas Revolution was fought between Mexico and rebellious colonists in Mexican Texas ... In early 1835, Mexican president Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna began centralizing power and operating as a dictator ... an armed uprising began on October 2 when settlers refused to return a small cannon to Mexican troops ...
Siege Of The Alamo - Background
... In 1835, as the Mexican government began to shift away from a federalist model, violence erupted in several Mexican states, including the border region Mexican Texas ... By the end of the year, Texian forces had expelled all Mexican soldiers from the area ... President Antonio López de Santa Anna had begun gathering an army to retake Texas ...
Siege Of The Alamo - February 23
... In the early hours of February 23, residents began fleeing Béxar, fearing the Mexican army's imminent arrival ... Dimitt and Lieutenant Benjamin Noble to scout for the Mexican Army's location ... and Sutherland spotted members of the Mexican cavalry within 1.5 miles (2.4 km) of the town and returned to Béxar at a run ...

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    We should have an army so organized and so officered as to be capable in time of emergency, in cooperation with the National Militia, and under the provision of a proper national volunteer law, rapidly to expand into a force sufficient to resist all probable invasion from abroad and to furnish a respectable expeditionary force if necessary in the maintenance of our traditional American policy which bears the name of President Monroe.
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