Meta Refresh

Meta refresh is a legacy method of instructing a web browser to automatically refresh the current web page or frame after a given time interval, using an HTML meta element with the http-equiv parameter set to "refresh" and a content parameter giving the time interval in seconds. It is also possible to instruct the browser to fetch a different URL when the page is refreshed, by including the alternative URL in the content parameter. By setting the refresh time interval to zero (or a very low value), this allows meta refresh to be used as a method of URL redirection.

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... an interaction device, such as a button, to let the user choose when to refresh the content ... to update (parts of) the Web site without the need for a complete page refresh, but this would also require that the user enable JavaScript in their browser ...
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... Meta refresh elements can be used to instruct a Web browser to automatically refresh a Web page after a given time interval ... Auto refreshing via a META element has been deprecated for more than ten years, and recognized as problematic before that ... The W3C suggests that user agents should allow users to disable it, otherwise META refresh should not be used by web pages ...
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