MEA or Mea may refer to:

  • Manx Electricity Authority
  • Materials and Equipment Acceptance, an agency that examines and provides approval for certain manufactured equipment for use in New York City
  • Membrane Electrode Assembly, part of a PEM fuel cell
  • Mercaptoethylamine-2, an organic chemical compound
  • Metropolitan Employment Area, a type of Urban Employment Area as defined by the Center for Spatial Information Service, the University of Tokyo
  • Michigan Education Association
  • Middle East Airlines, flag carrier of Lebanon
  • Middle East & Africa Region of Little League World Series in baseball
  • Middle East and Asia
  • Millennium Ecosystem Assessment
  • Minimum Enroute Altitude, the recommended minimum altitude for a segment of an airway
  • Ministry of External Affairs
  • Minnesota Education Association
  • Monoethanolamine, an organic chemical compound
  • Multielectrode array or multi-electrode array to record activity from populations of neurons
  • Multilateral Environmental Agreement

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