MBM may be:

  • MBM (architecture firm) an architectural firm based in Barcelona, Spain.
  • Meadowbrook Meat Company, an American foodservice company

In computing:

  • MBM (file format), mobile bitmap or multi bitmap
  • magnet bubble memory, a type of computer memory
  • Motherboard Monitor, a computer maintenance utility

In music:

  • Meat Beat Manifesto, British electronic music group
  • Melodic black metal, a genre of heavy metal music

In education:

  • Masters in Business and Management (MBM), a postgraduate business degree
  • Music Business Management, an undergraduate business degree concentrating on music industry

In sports:

  • MBM (automobile), a Formula One car


  • Marshall Bruce Mathers III, American rapper, better known as Eminem


  • MBM Engineering College, Jodhpur, India
  • Marjorie Barrick Museum, a museum of natural history and ethnography at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • Meat and bone meal, a component of animal feeds

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... degrees such as Masters in Bank Management (MBM) ... The MBM Program has been introduced in 1997 with affiliation of the National University ... By this time (February 2011) 523 MBM graduates passed out from BIBM and almost all of them have joined the banking profession ...
Master Of Business And Management
... A Masters in Business and Management (MBM) is a postgraduate business and management degree ... MBM degrees usually do not require the same level of work experience as an MBA, but they are still designed to equip students with managerial and leadership skills that will improve their practice ... The Association of MBAs MBM Accreditation service has been running since 2005 and accredits a number of programs at international business schools ...
MBM Tourismo
... The MBM Tourismo was a very low-production (probably only two were built) automobile sold by Peter Monteverdi ... Monteverdi's small company MBM (standing for Monteverdi Binningen Motors) mainly focused on competition, but a "few" sports cars were also produced ... Herald swing axle at the rear, although it is unknown what may have been different in the MBMs ...
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... Stylistically, it steps up the pace a bit from other recent MBM albums, flirting with elements of dub, hip-hop, industrial, breakbeat and more, and this has resulted in the album being ... take on dubstep, though Dangers has stated that MBM has always utilized the underlying concepts of that particular genre ... This is also the first MBM album to feature Danger's vocals since Actual Sounds + Voices in 1998 he appears on the track "Solid Waste" ...