Maxillary means "related to the maxilla (upper jaw bone)". Terms containing "maxillary" include:

  • Maxillary artery
  • Maxillary nerve
  • Maxillary prominence
  • Maxillary sinus

Other articles related to "maxillary":

Loricariinae - Appearance and Anatomy
... by bony plates, a unique pair of maxillary barbels, and modification of the mouth into a suckermouth ... and predorsal keels, a rounded mouth, papillose lips weakly or not fringed, and short maxillary barbels ... frequent presence of postorbital notches and predorsal keels, longer maxillary barbels, and less numerous teeth and branched rays in the caudal fin ...
Maxillary Artery
... The maxillary artery (or internal maxillary artery in older texts) is an artery that supplies deep structures of the face ...
Spheno-maxillary Fossa
... The speno-maxillary fossa is a small triangular space situated at the angle of the junction of the spheno-maxillary and pterygo-maxillary fissures, and placed beneath the apex of ...
Middle Superior Alveolar Nerve
... The middle superior alveolar nerve is a nerve that drops from the infraorbital portion of the maxillary nerve to supply the sinus mucosa, the roots of the maxillary premolars, and the ...
Maxilla (arthropod Mouthpart) - Hexapoda
... from which arise three processes the lacinia, the galea and the maxillary palp ... The galea is a broad, scoop-like, lobe structure, which assists the maxillary palps in sampling items before ingestion ... The maxillary palp is serially homologous to the walking leg while the cardo and stipes are regarded by most to be serially homologous to the first leg segment, the coxa ...