Max Horkheimer

Max Horkheimer (February 14, 1895 – July 7, 1973) was a German philosopher and sociologist, famous for his work in critical theory as a member of the 'Frankfurt School' of social research. His most important works include The Eclipse of Reason (1947), "Between Philosophy and Social Science" (1930-1938) and, in collaboration with Theodor Adorno, The Dialectic of Enlightenment (1947). Through the Frankfurt School, Horkheimer planned, supported and made other significant works possible.

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Max Horkheimer - Criticisms
... Horkheimer's work has been largely debated over time ... Perry Anderson sees Horkheimers attempt to make institute purely academic as “symptomatic of a more universal process, the emergence of a ‘Western Marxism’ divorced from the ... Rolf Wiggerhaus, author of The Frankfurt School believed Horkheimer lacked the audacious theoretical construction produced by those like Marx and Lukas and that his main argument was that those living in misery ...
Walter Benjamin - Life
... of Communicative Action Notable theorists Max Horkheimer · Theodor Adorno Herbert Marcuse · Walter Benjamin Erich Fromm · Friedrich Pollock Leo Löwenthal · Jürgen Habermas Important concepts ... As he ran out of money, Benjamin collaborated with Max Horkheimer, and received funds from the Institute for Social Research, later going permanently into exile ... (The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction) was first published, in French, by Max Horkheimer in the Zeitschrift für Sozialforschung journal of the Institute for Social Research ...
Adorno - Life and Career - Early Years: Frankfurt
... Along with future collaborators like Walter Benjamin, Max Horkheimer, Ernst Bloch, Adorno was profoundly disillusioned by the ease with which Germany's intellectual and ... already met with his most important intellectual collaborators, Max Horkheimer and Walter Benjamin ... Through Cornelius's seminars, Adorno met his future collaborator Max Horkheimer, through whom he was then introduced to Friedrich Pollock ...

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