The name Martino can refer to:

  • Martin of Tours (316-397), One of a dozen saints bearing the name Martino in Italian
  • Pope Martin V (c. 1368 –1431)
  • Guido Martino (1895-1922), Italian Fascist
  • Donald Martino (1931-2005), American composer
  • Renato Martino (1932-), Cardinal
  • Pat Martino (1944-), American jazz guitarist
  • Al Martino (1927-2009), American singer
  • Kyle Martino (1981-), American footballer
  • Martino, Phthiotis, a village in central Greece

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Spider-Man: Back In Black - Plot - Part 2
... then tells Peter that the assassin who purchased the scope was named Jake Martino ... Peter (still in the black suit) looks for Jake Martino in a police laptop and finds his address ... He goes to Martino's apartment but Martino has already left ...
Maestro Martino Of Como
... Martino de Rossi or Martino de Rubeis, called Maestro Martino or Martino of Como, was an Italian 15th-century culinary expert who was unequalled in his ... Martino was applauded by his peers, earning him the epitaph of the prince of cooks ...
Cimon Della Pala - Route
... by a group of mountain guides from San Martino di Castrozza, known in the mountaineering world as the Eagles of San Martino, to mark the centenary in 1970 of the first ascent of the peak on 3 June 1870 ... A good access to the via ferrata is by way of the gondola lift from San Martino di Castrozza to Colverde, which operates between the middle of June and the end of September ...
Maestro Martino Of Como - Biography
... Maestro Martino was born around 1430 in Torre, a village in the Blenio Valley, now Canton Ticino ... began in northern Italy, as he is referred to variously as both Martino di Como and Martino di Milano, but it seems likely that he spent some time in Naples as many of his ... Little more is known about Martino but he was described by his friend Bartolomeo Sacchi (known as Platina) as "Prince of cooks from whom I learned all about cooking" in De ...