Maria Anna

Maria Anna may refer to:

  • Maria Anna of Spain (1606-1646), aka Maria Anna of Austria, daughter of Philip III of Spain and wife of Ferdinand III, Holy Roman Emperor
  • Maria Anna of Neuburg (1667-1740), Queen consort of Spain
  • Maria Anna of Savoy (1803-1884), daughter of Victor Emmanuel I of Sardinia and wife of Emperor Ferdinand I of Austria
  • Maria Anna of Portugal (1843-1884)
  • Maria Anna Sophia of Saxony (1728-1797)
  • Maria Anna of Bavaria (1805-1877), Queen consort of Saxony
  • Maria Anna Mozart, sister of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Maria Anna Thekla Mozart, cousin of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Maria Anna de Raschenau, eighteenth-century Viennese composer and nun
  • Maria Anna von Genzinger (1750-1793), Viennese amateur musician and friend of Joseph Haydn
  • Maria Anna Adamberger (1752-1804), Viennese actress

Famous quotes containing the words maria and/or anna:

    Just as language has no longer anything in common with the thing it names, so the movements of most of the people who live in cities have lost their connexion with the earth; they hang, as it were, in the air, hover in all directions, and find no place where they can settle.
    —Rainer Maria Rilke (1875–1926)

    Monday’s child is fair in face,
    Tuesday’s child is full of grace,
    Wednesday’s child is full of woe,
    Thursday’s child has far to go,
    Friday’s child is loving and giving,
    Saturday’s child works hard for its living;
    And a child that is born on a Christmas day,
    Is fair and wise, good and gay.
    Anonymous. Quoted in Traditions, Legends, Superstitions, and Sketches of Devonshire, vol. 2, ed. Anna E.K.S. Bray (1838)