Magnus, meaning "Great" in Latin, was sometimes used as a first name among Romans but was not particularly common among them. The best-known Roman bearing the name was the third-century usurper. The name gained wider popularity in the Middle Ages, various European peoples, and their royal houses, being introduced to it upon being converted to the Latin-speaking Catholic Christianity. This was especially the case with Scandinavian royalty and nobility.

As a Scandinavian forename, it was extracted from the Frankish ruler Charlemagne's Latin name "Carolus Magnus" and re-analyzed as Old Norse magn-hús = "house of might/power".

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List Of The Mortal Instruments Characters - Magnus Bane - Love Interests
... Alexander "Alec" Lightwood (Boyfriend City of Ashes - City of Lost Souls) Magnus and Alec meet during one of his parties and Magnus openly flirts with him, eventually starting a ... The couple's relationship later become public when Alec passionately kisses Magnus in front of the Clave before a war was to start in the City of Glass novel ... officially facing the fact that Alec was mortal and would soon age and die, whereas Magnus, who was immortal, never would ...
Magnus, Prince Of Anhalt-Köthen - Life
... By 1471 Magnus had made clear his intention to became a priest along with his youngers brothers William (who renounced his rights of succession) and Adolph II ... Magnus (already a Canon of Magdeburg) and his brother Adolph II also inherited Köthen both used the title of "Lord of Zerbst" in allusion to the portion of the ... Without any interest in the government of the principality, Magnus' reign was nominal, but it was only in 1508 that he formally abdicated along with his brother ...
List Of The Mortal Instruments Characters - Magnus Bane - Family
... Magnus' parents feared him even when he was a child ... His mother was half Dutch and half Indonesian, explaining Magnus' Asian features ... was later driven into an attempt to drown him, and Magnus burned him where he stood ...
Louis Magnus
... Louis Magnus (25 May 1881 in Kingston, Jamaica - 1 November 1950) was an ice skater ... Magnus competed as a figure skater in the disciplines of single skating and pair skating in France ... The French ice hockey league (Ligue Magnus) and its trophy (Coupe Magnus) are named after him ...
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... In mathematics and physics, the Magnus expansion, named after Wilhelm Magnus (1907–1990), provides an exponential representation of the solution of a first ...

Famous quotes containing the word magnus:

    Every orientation presupposes a disorientation.
    —Hans Magnus Enzensberger (b. 1929)

    A pathological business, writing, don’t you think? Just look what a writer actually does: all that unnatural tense squatting and hunching, all those rituals: pathological!
    —Hans Magnus Enzensberger (b. 1929)

    Mediocrity in politics is not to be despised. Greatness is not needed.
    —Hans Magnus Enzensberger (b. 1929)