Magical Vacation

Magical Vacation (マジカルバケーション, majikaru bakēshon?) is a 2001 role-playing video game developed by Brownie Brown and published by Nintendo for the Game Boy Advance only in Japan on December 7, 2001, and was later re-released in the same region in 2006. Japanese singer, model, and actress Mika Nakashima was featured in the television commercials for Magical Vacation.

A sequel was produced for the Nintendo DS in 2006, titled Magical Starsign; Magical Starsign saw release in Europe and North America.

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Brownie Brown - History
... The company's first original creation was the Japan-only Magical Vacation for the Game Boy Advance, which was released in 2001 ... collaborative effort with Shigesato Itoi and HAL Laboratory, and Magical Starsign (Magical Vacation When the Five Stars Align in Japan) for the Nintendo DS ... named Gofuku, which was scheduled for release in 2005 and was announced alongside Magical Vacation When the Five Stars Align ...
Magical Starsign
... Magical Starsign, known in Japan as Magical Vacation Itsutsu no Hoshi ga Narabu Toki (マジカルバケーション 5 ... "Magical Vacation When the five stars align"), is a role-playing video game for the Nintendo DS developed by Brownie Brown ... It is the sequel to the Japan-exclusive Game Boy Advance title, Magical Vacation ...

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