Mage may refer to:

  • Magi, a tribe from ancient Media of Iran
  • Mage, Burma
  • Magician (paranormal), a practitioner of paranormal magic
  • Magician (fantasy), a practitioner of magic as portrayed in works of fiction
    • Mage: The Ascension, a discontinued role-playing game by White Wolf Studios
    • Mage: The Awakening, a current role-playing game by White Wolf Studios
    • Mage (comics), a superhero comic series by Matt Wagner
    • Mage (character class)
      • Mage (Dungeons & Dragons)
      • Mage (World of Warcraft)
  • MAGE, acronym for Mechanical Aerospace Ground Equipment
  • MicroArray and Gene Expression, a standard for microarray information exchange
  • Multiplex Automated Genome Engineering, an automated form of the genetic engineering technique known as recombineering
  • Mage.exe, a software utility by Microsoft used to generate manifest files for ClickOnce
  • MagĂ©, a municipality in Rio de Janeiro state
  • Mage, a number of samurai hairstyles including the chonmage topknot
  • Mage UK, a technology group consisting of sub-companies such as Mage Software, Mage Internet and Mage Web Solutions
  • A model of Mask/cage hybrid head protection worn by hockey goaltenders
  • Mage: A Drum and Bass producer.

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