Egyptian may refer to:

  • Of or pertaining to Egypt, a country in northeastern Africa
    • A citizen of Egypt. See Demographics of Egypt.
    • Egyptians, an ethnic group in North Africa
    • Egyptian Arabic, the language spoken in Egypt. See also Languages of Egypt.
    • Egyptian culture, culture of the nation
    • Egyptian cuisine
  • Of or pertaining to ancient Egyptian civilization, from circa 3200 BC to 343 BC
    • Ancient Egyptian cuisine
    • Egyptian language, spoken until the seventeenth century
  • Egyptians (Balkans), an unrelated Albanian-speaking ethnic minority of Kosovo and Macedonia
  • of or pertaining to the region of Southern Illinois known as "Egypt" or "Little Egypt"
  • The Egyptian, a 1945 historical novel by Mika Waltari
  • The Egyptian (film), a 1954 film by Michael Curtiz, based on Waltari's novel
  • Slab serif letter forms in typography
    • Egyptian (typeface)

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History - Copts in Modern Egypt
... who abolished the Jizya (a tax on non-Muslims) and allowed Egyptians (Copts as well as Muslims) to enroll in the army ... Copts participated in the Egyptian national movement for independence and occupied many influential positions ... the Copts' strong attachment to and sense of identity about their Egyptian pre-Arab, and certainly non-Arab, identity permits to construct churches were delayed, Christian ...
President Of Egypt - Requirements To Hold Office
... Article 75 of the Egyptian Constitution establishes the requirements one must meet in order to become president ... The president of the republic should be an Egyptian citizen, born to Egyptian parents and having full civil and political rights ...
Ancient Egyptian Deities
... Ancient Egyptian deities are the gods and goddesses who were worshipped in ancient Egypt ... This was not seen as contradictory by the Egyptians ... The development of Egyptian religion in the New Kingdom lead some early Egyptologists such as E ...
Ancient Egyptian Deities - Background and History
... The Egyptian religion has a long history ... of the vulture goddess (Nekhbet) and cobra goddess (Wadjet) which were borne on Egyptian crowns from predynastic and protodynastic periods through their entire history to the ... were immensely influential in nearly every significant aspect of the Ancient Egyptian way of life ...
Egyptian - People
5 in F major, popularly known as "The Egyptian" Egyptian Healy (1866–1899), pitcher for Major League Baseball in the 19th century Egyptian Lover (born 1963), American musician, vocalist, producer and DJ ...

Famous quotes containing the word egyptian:

    ...the Hebrew women are not like the Egyptian women; for they are vigorous and give birth before the midwife comes to them.
    Bible: Hebrew, Exodus 1:19.

    Egyptian midwives to Pharaoh.

    He will to his Egyptian dish again.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    What was I saying? An Egyptian king
    Once touched long fingers, which are not anything.
    Allen Tate (1899–1979)