Lumen can mean:

  • Lumen (unit), the SI unit of luminous flux
  • Lumen (anatomy), the cavity or channel within a tubular structure
  • Thylakoid lumen, the inner membrane space of the chloroplast
  • Phenobarbital (trade name)
  • 141 Lumen, an asteroid discovered by the French astronomer Paul Henry in 1875
  • Lumen (band), Russian alternative rock band
  • Lumen Pierce, a fictional character played by Julia Stiles from the television series Dexter
  • Lumen (branding agency), a design and branding company headquartered in Milan, Italy
  • USS Lumen (AKA-30), a US Navy ship

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Lumen (band) - Biography - Conclusion
... In ten years, step by step Lumen became the most famous Russian alternative band ... In October 2008, Lumen won the "Band of the Year" prize at the Russian Alternative Music Prize ... for huge number of teenagers who found their own ego in Lumen's lyrics and realised that they were soul-mates ...
Lumen Method
... In lighting design, the lumen method, (also called zonal cavity method), is a simplified method to calculate the light level in a room ... In its simplest form, the lumen method is merely the total number of lumens available in a room divided by the area of the room ... In order to perform this calculation, many factors, coefficients, lamp lumen data and other quantities must be gathered ...
Lumen (band)
... Lumen is a Russian rock band from Ufa ... when the musicians first performed under the name "Lumen", and not as "Безымянные мучители гитар" ("The Nameless Guitar Torturers") ...
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... was founder and Editorial Director of the literary press Lumen Editions, an imprint of Brookline Books, which was known for publishing work in translation ... The board of Lumen Editions included, among others, notable individuals in the publishing world, Nobel Prize Winner Saul Bellow, author Tom Pohrt, artist Rosamund Purcell, New York publisher Ned Chase (fat ... Lumen Editions quickly established itself as one of the best independent publishers in the field and received a great deal of media attention both for its high-profile Editorial Board as ...