Lum or LUM may refer to:

  • Alfa Lum cycling team
  • IBM LUM (licence use management)
  • Lao Lum, an ethnic group of Laos
  • WLUM-FM, a radio station in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
  • Lum, Michigan, an unincorporated community in Lapeer County, Michigan, USA
  • The Scots language term for "chimney"

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... Lum Choar (Khmer លំជ័រ) contains four villages and has a population of 1,385 ... The land alienation rates in Lum Choar was moderate as of January 2006 ...
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... Ataru snaps a tree branch and somehow causes a rip in dimensions, sending Lum to a parallel world ... And he refuses to talk to Lum because he is upset that she ruined his life, as well as his parents' ... Lum hops dimensions in hopes of finding the real Ataru ...
Mike Lum - Cincinnati Reds
... Playing time was hard to come by for the "spare parts" of the "Big Red Machine." Lum saw far less playing time in Cincinnati than he was used to, as he averaged just 156 plate ... Following the 1978 season, Lum took part in a tour of Japan with the Cincinnati Reds ... Aware that Lum was to become a free agent at the end of the season, the Seibu Lions offered him a three-year deal worth one million dollars ...
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