Individualist Anarchism

Individualist anarchism refers to several traditions of thought within the anarchist movement that emphasize the individual and his or her will over external determinants such as groups, society, traditions, and ideological systems. Individualist anarchism is not a single philosophy but refers to a group of individualistic philosophies that sometimes are in conflict. Thereafter, it expanded through Europe and the United States. Benjamin R. Tucker, a famous 19th century individualist anarchist, held that "if the individual has the right to govern himself, all external government is tyranny."

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Individualist Anarchism - Criticisms
... See also Criticisms of anarchism Philosopher Murray Bookchin criticized individualist anarchism for its opposition to democracy and its embrace of "lifestylism" at the expense of class struggle ... Bookchin claimed that individualist anarchism supports only negative liberty and rejects the idea of positive liberty ... Philosopher Albert Meltzer proposed that individualist anarchism differs radically from revolutionary anarchism, and that it "is sometimes too readily conceded 'that this is, after all ...
Influence and Expansion of Egoist Anarchism - Early Development - Europe
... See also Individualist anarchism in Europe and Individualist anarchism in France The Scottish born German writer John Henry Mackay found out about Stirner while reading a copy ... Stirnerian egoism became a main influence on European individualist anarchism including its main proponents in the early 20th century such as Emile Armand and Han Ryner in France ... unique ones who will succeed them." Spanish individualist anarchist Miguel Gimenez Igualada wrote a book on Stirner ...
An Anarchist FAQ - Content
... Part of the Politics series on Anarchism Schools of thought Black Buddhist Capitalist Christian Collectivist Communist Egoist Existentialist Feminist Green Individualist Infoanarchism Insurrectionary Leftist ... rebellion Third Russian Revolution Free Territory Amakasu Incident Escuela Moderna Individualist anarchism in Europe Individualist anarchism in ... According to the FAQ, anarchism is synonymous with "libertarian socialism", "free socialism", "libertarian communism" and "free communism" ...
Anarchism In Italy - History - Italian Individualist Anarchism and Illegalism
... In Italy individualist anarchism had a strong tendency towards illegalism and violent propaganda by the deed similar to French individualist anarchism but perhaps more extreme ... In this respect we can consider notorious magnicides carried out or attempted by individualists Giovanni Passannante, Sante Caserio, Michele Angiolillo, Luigi Luccheni, Gaetano ... The theoretical seeds of current Insurrectionary anarchism were already laid out at the end of 19th century Italy in a combination of individualist anarchism criticism of ...
Anarchist Schools Of Thought - Individualist Anarchism - European Individualist Anarchism
... European individualist anarchism proceeded from the roots laid by William Godwin, Pierre Joseph Proudhon and Max Stirner ... Proudhon was an early pioneer of anarchism as well as of the important individualist anarchist current of mutualism ... Stirner became a central figure of individualist anarchism through the publication of his seminal work The Ego and Its Own which is considered to be "a founding text in the tradition of individualist anarchism ...

Famous quotes containing the word anarchism:

    Anarchism is the only philosophy which brings to man the consciousness of himself; which maintains that God, the State, and society are non-existent, that their promises are null and void, since they can be fulfilled only through man’s subordination. Anarchism is therefore the teacher of the unity of life; not merely in nature, but in man.
    Emma Goldman (1869–1940)