Loyal may refer to:

  • The concept of loyalty
  • Ben Loyal, a mountain in Sutherland
  • Loyal (album), an album from New Zealand musician Dave Dobbyn
  • Investec LOYAL, a racing yacht
  • Some places named Loyal in the United States:
    • Loyal, Oklahoma
    • Loyal, Wisconsin
    • Loyal, Clark County, Wisconsin

Other articles related to "loyal":

Service-profit Chain - The Framework
... with profit and growth are characterized by a large number of loyal customers and that execute well against the 3 Rs retention, repeat business, and referrals Customer satisfaction – Loyal ...
Loyal (album)
... Loyal is a 1988 album by New Zealand singer-songwriter Dave Dobbyn ... After the Footrot Flats album, Loyal moved him further away from the pub rock of DD Smash and into contemporary pop rock ...
Clandestine HUMINT - Penetrations of Foreign Targets By People Loyal To Their Own Country - Dangled Mole
... Dangled moles start out being loyal to one country B, but go to work for another service A, reporting back to their original service ... As far as is known from public sources, the only mole, already loyal to a foreign service, who went to work for the CIA (i.e ... in the service A role) was Karl Koecher, who actually was loyal to the Czechoslovakian intelligence service (service B1), while Czechoslovakia was a Soviet (i.e ...
Loyalist Associators
... James Stewart's Company of Refugees King’s Militia Volunteers Loyal American Association Loyal Associated Refugees Loyal Irish Volunteers Loyal Newport Associators Loyal Refugee ...

Famous quotes containing the word loyal:

    ...I, his wife, rested and was warmed in the sunlight of his loyal love, and glorious fame, and now, even though his beautiful life has gone out, it is as when some far off planet disappears from the heavens, the light of his great fame still falls upon and warms me.
    Julia Dent Grant (1825–1902)

    A church is disaffected when it is persecuted, quiet when it is tolerated, and actively loyal when it is favoured and cherished.
    Thomas Babington Macaulay (1800–1859)

    To become a token woman—whether you win the Nobel Prize or merely get tenure at the cost of denying your sisters—is to become something less than a man ... since men are loyal at least to their own world-view, their laws of brotherhood and self-interest.
    Adrienne Rich (b. 1929)