Louisville and Portland Canal - Improvements


Congress ignored the canal from 1860 to 1867, freeing up the directors to improve it. A $865,000 plan for improvements began, but work was slowed drastically by the American Civil War, and the company was $1.6 million in debt by 1866. In 1867, Congress, now largely free of opposition to the plan, allowed the Army Corps of Engineers to take over improvements to the canal. The two new locks, each 390 feet (120 m) long and 90 feet (27 m) wide, opened in February 1872. By 1877 canal traffic had tripled from any previous level.

However, by the 1870s, more goods were being shipped by railroad and the river was no longer the primary means of transportation, an economic change to which the failures to improve the canal contributed. The river had become most useful for transporting heavy, low-value industrial supplies such as coal, salt and iron ore. In May 1874 Congress passed a bill allowing the Army Corps of Engineers to take over the canal, and authorizing the treasury to pay off the bonds remaining from the recent improvements, and the Louisville and Portland Canal Company faded out of existence. In 1880 Congress made the canal free of toll, and began paying its expenses from the treasury.

A new lock was built in 1921 as a part of Congress's plan for the "canalization" of the Ohio River. As a part of radical enlargements in 1962 to build a new dam and expand the width to 500 feet (150 m), the canal became known the McAlpine Locks and Dam.

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