Logistic may refer to:

  • Logistics, the management of resources and their distributions
    • Logistic engineering, the scientific study of logistics
    • Military logistics, the study of logistics at the service of military units and operations
  • Logistic function, a sigmoid function used in many fields
    • Logistic map, the discrete form of the logistic function
    • Logit, the inverse of the logistic function, fundamental to logistic regression
  • Logistic distribution, in probability theory and statistics, a continuous probability distribution

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Log-logistic Distribution
... In probability and statistics, the log-logistic distribution (known as the Fisk distribution in economics) is a continuous probability distribution for a non-negative random variable ... The log-logistic distribution is the probability distribution of a random variable whose logarithm has a logistic distribution ...
Log-logistic Distribution - Related Distributions
... Beta prime distribution If X has a log-logistic distribution with scale parameter and shape parameter then Y = log(X) has a logistic distribution with location parameter and scale parameter ... As the shape parameter of the log-logistic distribution increases, its shape increasingly resembles that of a (very narrow) logistic distribution ... Informally, as →∞, The log-logistic distribution with shape parameter and scale parameter is the same as the generalized Pareto distribution with location parameter, shape parameter and scale parameter The ...
Shifted Log-logistic Distribution
... The shifted log-logistic distribution is a probability distribution also known as the generalized log-logistic or the three-parameter log-logistic distribution ... It has also been called the generalized logistic distribution, but this conflicts with other uses of the term see generalized logistic distribution ...