LN may refer to:

  • Lawful Neutral, an alignment in Dungeons & Dragons
  • Liaoning, China
  • Libyan Arab Airlines' IATA code
  • Liquid nitrogen
  • Louisville and Nashville Railroad's reporting mark
  • LN postcode area in Britain, named after Lincoln
  • LN (band), American slow core band
  • Lymph node, an anatomical feature involved in immunological function.
  • The Sims 3: Late Night, the third expansion pack to The Sims 3

Ln may refer to:

  • Lane, as part of the proper name for a country lane
  • Lanthanoid, a series of chemical elements

ln may refer to:

  • ln (Unix), a UNIX command that creates file links
  • Natural logarithm, mathematical function
  • Lingala language's ISO 639 code

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