.pn is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Pitcairn Islands.

The top-level domain was the subject of a dispute in 2000, between islander Tom Christian, who had been delegated with management of the domain by ICANN, and the government of the island, which was resolved by ICANN ruling that the domain be re-delegated to the Island Council.

Subdomains under various two-letter .pn domains are offered as free redirections by popnic.com.

An official .pn domain costs $100/year from the registry. There are relatively few sites using these domains, but examples include ESPN (es.pn), Appian Corporation (ap.pn) and Groupon (gr.pn), which each use the domain for URL shortening services.

The .pn domain is now also being used as part of The Hunger Games movie's viral campaign, as the official country code of the nation of Panem. Currently the sites available are thecapitol.pn,capitolcouture.pn and thecapitoltour.pn, as well as sites for each of the twelve districts from the series, district1.pn – district12.pn, which redirect to Facebook Pages.

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