List of Water Margin Minor Characters - Yang Xiong's Story

Yang Xiong's Story

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  • Pan Qiaoyun (traditional Chinese: 潘巧雲; simplified Chinese: 潘巧云; pinyin: Pān Qiǎoyún) is Yang Xiong's wife. She has an affair with Pei Ruhai and she accuses Shi Xiu of molesting her after he discovers their affair. Shi kills Pei and brings Pan to Cuiping Hill. On the hill, Yang Xiong interrogates her and forces a confession out of her before killing her.
  • Pei Ruhai (Chinese: 裴如海; pinyin: Péi Rúhǎi) is a monk who has an adulterous affair with Pan Qiaoyun. He is killed by Shi Xiu.
  • Ying'er (traditional Chinese: 迎兒; simplified Chinese: 迎儿; pinyin: Yíng'ěr) is Pan Qiaoyun's servant. She has been helping her mistress cover up her affair with Pei Ruhai. She is killed along with her mistress by Yang Xiong at Cuiping Hill.

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