List of Volkswagen Group Diesel Engines

List of Volkswagen Group Diesel engines. The compression-ignition diesel engines listed below are currently used by various marques of automobiles and commercial vehicles of the German automotive concern, Volkswagen Group, and also in Volkswagen Marine and Volkswagen Industrial Motor applications. All listed engines operate on the four-stroke cycle, and unless stated otherwise, use a wet sump lubrication system, and are water-cooled.

Since the Volkswagen Group is European, official internal combustion engine performance ratings are published using the International System of Units (commonly abbreviated "SI"), a modern form of the metric system of figures. Motor vehicle engines will have been tested by a Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN) accredited testing facility, to either the original 80/1269/EEC, or the later 1999/99/EC standards. The standard initial measuring unit for establishing the rated motive power output is the kilowatt (kW); and in their official literature, the power rating may be published in either the kW, or the 'Pferdestärke' (PS, which is sometimes incorrectly referred to as 'metric horsepower'), or both, and may also include conversions to imperial units such as the horsepower (hp) or brake horsepower (bhp). (Conversions: one PS ≈ 735.5 watts (W), ≈ 0.98632 hp (SAE)). In case of conflict, the metric power figure of kilowatts (kW) will be stated as the primary figure of reference. For the turning force generated by the engine, the Newton metre (Nm) will be the reference figure of torque. Furthermore, in accordance with European automotive traditions, engines shall be listed in the following ascending order of preference:

  1. Number of cylinders,
  2. Engine displacement (in litres),
  3. Engine configuration, and
  4. Rated motive power output (in kilowatts).

As with the discontinued Volkswagen Group Diesel engines, whilst the Volkswagen Golf may have started the Diesel craze in Europe, every Diesel engine in each generation of the Volkswagen Golf has been offered in Industrial applications, and has since had impressive field results on par with a Isuzu, Kubota, or Yanmar Industrial Diesel engine in industrial applications, and has been as much of a workhorse as the latter Japanese choices.

The Diesel engines which Volkswagen Group previously manufactured and installed are in the list of discontinued Volkswagen Group diesel engines article.

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List Of Volkswagen Group Diesel Engines - Diesel Engines Data Table
... The following table contains a very brief selection of current and historical Volkswagen Group compression-ignition diesel engines for comparison of performance and ... (cc) engine config. 2,000 84 52.0 (70.7) 20.43 17.84 2.7 V6 TDI 2,698 V6 engine 24v 2xDOHC 132 (179) 3,300- 4,250 380 (280) 1,400- 3,300 56 48.9 (66.3) 17.70 17.79 11/2004- present 3.0 V6 ...

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