List of Transformers: Cybertron Characters

List Of Transformers: Cybertron Characters

This article lists characters that appear in Transformers: Cybertron, the third chapter of the "Unicron Trilogy" series of the Transformers franchise. The series features the entirety of planet Cybertron's civilization evacuating the planet to Earth when it is absorbed by a black hole left via the destruction of Unicron. The Autobots act as the main protagonists of the series, with the Decepticons as the main antagonists. Various characters originate from fictional planets shown throughout the series.

Originally, Cybertron was created in Japan as a separate standalone continuity called Transformers: Galaxy Force, but it was dubbed and edited into Cybertron. During the dub, most characters were renamed into new or previously established character to match with the continuity (e.g. Sideways, Hot Shot, etc.) Cybertron features a large cast of characters, something which has not been seen since the original 1980s cartoon. This show also features an incarnation of popular character Soundwave, again, not seen since the 1980s cartoon.

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