List of Transformers: Cybertron Characters - Force Chip Attacks (Cyber Key Powers) & Japanese Names

Force Chip Attacks (Cyber Key Powers) & Japanese Names

  • Galaxy Convoy (Optimus Prime) - Galaxy Cannon, Full Burst
  • Liger Convoy (Optimus Prime, Savage Claw Mode) - Liger Ground Break
  • Sonic Convoy (Optimus Prime, Sonic Wing Mode) - Sonic Double Impact & Galaxy Calibre
  • Galaxy Convoy with Megalo Convoy's axe (Optimus Prime with Sparkdrinker) - Galaxy Giga Crush
  • Master Megatron (Megatron) - Death Claw & Death Machine Gun
  • Liger Megatron (Megatron, Dark Claw Mode) - Liger Death Strike (once, Liger Death Break)
  • Master Galvatron (Galvatron) - Death Claw & Death Machine Gun & Death Cannon
  • Nitro Convoy (Override) - Nitro Boost & Mach Shot
  • Flame Convoy (Scourge) - Death Flame & Flame Strike
  • Live Convoy (Evac) - Jet Booster & Falling Missile & Homing Missile & Jet Missile
  • Megalo Convoy & Horribull (Metroplex & Drill Bit) - Megalo Crush & Axe Crusher & Megalo Boomerang
  • Super Starscream - Vortex Blade & Vortex Cannon
  • Noisemaze (Sideways) - Unnamed
  • Soundwave (Soundwave) - Blaster Gun
  • Primus (Primus) - Unnamed
  • Ramble (Scrapmetal) - None
  • Coby Ramble (Cobybot) - Hissatsu Coby Shot
  • Exillion (Original Hot Shot) - Accel Wing
  • Backpack (Original Scattorshot) - Ground Shot Up & Land Shot
  • First Aid (Original Red Alert) - Photon Beam
  • Jackshot (Overhaul) - Anchor Shot
  • Dreadrock (Jetfire) - Dread Cannon, Full Burst & Jetstream
  • Guardshell (Landmine) - Tornado Cutter
  • Vector Prime & Roots (Vector Prime & Safeguard) - Repulsion Field & Time Relief & Action Field
  • Starscream (Starscream) - Vortex Blade & Vortex Storm
  • Thundercracker (Thundercracker) - Thunder Hell & Super Hell Special Deluxe/Big Spinning Thunder Hell Scattering Fireworks/Sure Kill Ultra Hurricane Slash And Crush Shoot/Drill Spinning Thunder Hell Electric Drop/Hissatu! Super Electric Lightning Shock Electric Thunder Cracker Punch!/Hyper Ultra Big Missile Full Burst Maximum Alpha!/Hyper Ultra Big Missile Full Burst Maximum Beta Two
  • Demolishor (Mudflap) - Mega Crane Blade
  • Exigeyser (Cybertron Defense Hot Shot) - Double X Shot & Battle Dagger
  • Backgild (Cybertron Defense Scattorshot) - Twin Search MIssile
  • First Gunner (Cybertron Defense Red Alert) - Giga Vanisher
  • Vanguard Team (Cybertron Defense Team) - Triangle Attack
  • Ligerjack (Leobreaker) - Platinum Claw & Ultra Liger Drop
  • Sonic Bomber (Wing Saber) - Flap Sword & Galaxy Caliber
  • Dark Ligerjack (Nemesis Breaker) - Unnamed
  • Autovolt (Crosswise) - Force Missile
  • Chromia (Thunderblast) - Phantom Wave
  • Roadstorm (Lugnutz) - Side Machine Gun
  • Skids (Clocker) - Smash Burner
  • Autolander (Brakedown) - Motor Blade
  • Inch Up (Dirt Boss) - Shoulder Vulcan
  • Landbullet (Crumplezone) - Land Bazooka & Ultra Tune Up Level 2 Ignition
  • Armbullet (Dark Crumplezone) - Arm Bazooka
  • Gasket (Ransack) - Exhaust Shot & Exhaust Boost & Reverse Tune Ignition
  • Saidos (Backstop) - Bloody Horn
  • Fang Wolf (Snarl) - Power Fang
  • Dinoshout (Undermine) - Crest Sword
  • Terashaver (Brimstone) - Slash Knife
  • Blender & Killbull (Quickmix & Stripmine) - Mixing Cannon
  • Moledive & Bullbull (Menasor & Heavy Load) - Giant Drill

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