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Ming Dynasty Associates

  • Jiunan (traditional Chinese: 九難; simplified Chinese: 九难; Mandarin Pinyin: Jǐunàn; Jyutping: Gau2-naan4) is a Buddhist nun who was previously the Princess Changping (traditional Chinese: 長平公主; simplified Chinese: 长平公主; Mandarin Pinyin: Chángpíng Gōngzhǔ; Jyutping: Coeng4-ping4 Gung1-zyu2) of the Ming Dynasty. She steals the baby A'ke from her mother Chen Yuanyuan and raises A'ke. She intends to use A'ke to help her kill Wu Sangui to avenge her fallen dynasty. She meets Wei Xiaobao and agrees to accept him as her martial arts student.
  • A'qi (Chinese: 阿琪; Mandarin Pinyin: Ā'qí; Jyutping: Aa3-kei4) is one of Jiunan's disciples. She marries the Mongol prince Galdan.
  • Li Zicheng (Chinese: 李自成; Mandarin Pinyin: Lǐ Zìchéng; Jyutping: Lei5 Zi6-sing4), nicknamed "Dashing King" (traditional Chinese: 闖王; simplified Chinese: 闯王; Mandarin Pinyin: Chuǎng Wáng; Jyutping: Cong2 Wong4), was the leader of the rebel forces that overthrew the Ming Dynasty. He was defeated by the Qing Empire and his short-lived Shun Dynasty was conquered. He went into hiding in Yunnan after that. He fathered A'ke with Chen Yuanyuan.
  • Chen Yuanyuan (traditional Chinese: 陳圓圓; simplified Chinese: 陈圆圆; Mandarin Pinyin: Chén Yuányuán; Jyutping: Can4 Jyun4-jyun4) was previously Wu Sangui's concubine. She is the mother of A'ke.
  • Tao Hongying (Chinese: 陶红英; Mandarin Pinyin: Táo Hóngyīng; Jyutping: Tou4 Hung4-jing1) was a palace maid who served Princess Changping. She continues to work in the palace during the Qing Dynasty. She was ordered by her teacher to steal the Sutra of Forty-two Chapters.
  • Li Xihua (traditional Chinese: 李西華; simplified Chinese: 李西华; Mandarin Pinyin: Lǐ Xīhuá; Jyutping: Lei5 Sai1-waa4) is the son of Li Zicheng's former subordinate Li Yan (Chinese: 李岩; Mandarin Pinyin: Lǐ Yán; Jyutping: Lei5 Ngaam4). He attempts to kill Li Zicheng to avenge his father.

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