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Neotopia, as its name implies, is a utopian city seemingly existing in Earth's future. Humanity and robots (designated Mobile Citizens) live together in harmony. In order to keep this peace, the conflict with the Dark Axis is kept secret for as long as possible. The city is protected by the Gundam Force, the robotic members of which are designated Combat Mobile Citizens. The Neotopia characters are modelled after SD Command Chronicles and the Earth Federation Mobile Suits of the Universal Century.

  • Shute (シュウト)- A young boy who lives in Neotopia, Shute accidentally becomes involved in the secret war against the Dark Axis when their initial invasion attempt occurs right before his eyes. Shute is saved by Captain Gundam and, despite some initial objections from the SDG for the boy's safety, the two become fast friends and partners. It is this friendship which enables Shute to activate the Soul Drive, the mysterious core of Captain Gundam. Shute was made an honorary member of the SDG after he saved Captain and Zero from the Magna Musai. During the Gundam Force's mission to liberate Lacroa and Ark, Shute receives a backpack with boosters and a glue shooter, both modeled to look like parts of Captain's weaponry (his original booster pack and unactivated beam saber).
  • Captain Gundam (キャプテンガンダム)- The first unit produced by the Super Dimensional Guard's top secret Gundam Force program, Captain Gundam is the main defender of Neotopia. Initially secretive and rigid, Captain loosens up and becomes more human via his interactions with Shute. The core of Captain Gundam is his Soul Drive, a mysterious power source which responds to emotions of others. When cheered on by Shute, Captain can use the Soul Drive to unleash his lethal Captain Punch fist attack. While Captain's standard form keeps weapons to a minimum (vulcans, missile launchers, beam saber and an optional light beam rifle and light shield), he is designed to be adaptable for various missions. Some of his other forms include:
    • Mobile Citizen Captain- When Captain wishes to journey into the world beyond the SDG headquarters Blanc Base, he adopts this simple disguise. Captain's armour and weapons are replaced with more friendlier components, his V-fin flips upside down to serve as eyebrows and his mouth guards open to reveal a human-like mouth.
    • Heavy Weapon Captain Gundam (ヘビーウェポンキャプテンガンダム)- A prototype upgrade designed after the SDG became aware of Commander Sazabi, the Heavy Weapon System adds extra fire power in the form of shoulder and backmounted missile pods, a hand-held machine gun and a much larger shield. As well as serving as a weapon system for the most dangerous of missions, the extra components enable Captain to transform into the tank-like GunVehicle mode for extra speed.
    • Captain Gundam Option V (キャプテンガンダム オプションV)- In preparation for the Gundam Force's mission to liberate Lacroa and Ark, Captain receives new equipment in the form of his Option V backpack. As well as more powerful boosters, the Option V comes with the V Rod, a double-sided beam lance. It is stored on the backpack as two equal halves, which can double as beam cannons.
  • Hyper Captain Gundam- After his first battle with the Dark Axis Professor Gerbera, Captain is once again highly damaged and returned to Neotopia for repair. Rather than just repairing him, the SDG elect to give him a whole new body and GP01 Hyper Captain Gundam is born. With the Gundam Force's mission now known to the public of Neotopia, Hyper Captain Gundam's body has no need for the Mobile Citizen disguise capability. It also uses a more bold design scheme. Captain retained this form for the rest of the series. It resembles the RX-78GP01Fb Gundam Full Vernian "Zephyranthes". As with his previous body, Hyper Captain has various forms.
    • Hyper Captain Gundam Option F (ハイパーキャプテンガンダムオプションF)- The most common form of Hyper Captain. This form incorporates the dual combining beam sabers he used on his adventures across the Minov Sea and in Lacroa as well as an optional backmounted flight pack. He can also unleash an attack from his V-Fin as well as continuing to use the Captain Punch.
    • Hyper Captain Gundam Option Z (ハイパーキャプテンガンダムオプションZ)- When the final battle against the Dark Axis begins, Hyper Captain resorts to using his GP03 Option Z weapons pack. A backmounted unit with various thrusters, gatling guns and beam cannons, it is the most powerful known form of Hyper Captain. It resembles the RX-78GP03 Gundam Dendrobium Orchis.
  • Gunbike (ガンバイカー)- A large, Gundam-style motorcycle intended for Captain, Gunbike houses the AI of Captain's former seasoned instructor. As dedicated to the protection of Neotopia as his student, Gunbike expects nothing but the best from his allies. He can be combined with an optional sidecar (commonly used by Shute) and boasts a pair of six missile pods. When Captain activates the Soul Drive while riding Gunbike, a dynamo system enables Gunbike to feed off this energy as well for extra speed.
  • Guneagle (ガンイーグル)- The third Neotopian Gundam to appear, GunEagle is young and cocky. Admiring Captain as a hero, GunEagle is delighted when he can finally fight alongside his idol. GunEagle is specifically created to deal with aerial threats that the other Gundam Force members aren't capable of reaching. While his heart may be in the right place, he often shows off and pays the price soon after. Guneagle resembles the RX-93 ν Gundam Double Fin Funnel Type, but the fin Funnels are his wings.
  • Gundiver (ガンダイバー)- Specialising in underwater combat, the team of 7 identical Gundiver brothers work together to deal with threats connected to the sea near Neotopia. Unlike GunEagle, their personalities are similar to Captain's. When all 7 units are present, they can pull off a devastating team attack. They are based on the RGZ-91 Re-GZ.
    • Gunchoppers- When the final battle against the Dark Axis begins, there is little use for the Gundivers in what is mainly an aerial conflict. The SDG quickly reconvert them to a team of aerial Gunchoppers, replacing their aquatic elements with aerial ones.
  • Gunpanzer (ガンパンツァー)- After sending out the newly-built Hyper Captain to help with the Gundam Force's mission in Ark, the SDG are quick to send further reinforcements. One of these is Gunpanzer: an immense armored car equipped with a mini Re-Equip Ring for Hyper Captain. In combat, Gunpanzer can transform into a more Gundam-like form, ready with cannons and missile launchers. Gunpanzer's AI is in fact that of Gunbike, eager as always to be fighting on the front lines. Gunpanzer's presence gives some much needed might to Britainmaru's forces and the two "old men" quickly become good friends.
  • Chief Haro (ハロ長官)- The leader of the SDG, Chief Haro is most notable for wearing a Haro (Gundam's famous mascot robot) helmet to mask his identity. While Haro's true identity is never said in the show, many clues strongly imply he is, in fact, Shute's father, Mark (an idea that many fans now accept as canon). While Chief Haro often leads from the SDG's hidden Blanc Base, he is not afraid to get out on the battlefield himself and use his daredevil fighting style. As with all officers of the SDG, Chief Haro is dedicated to ridding all dimensions of the invading Dark Axis menace.
  • Juli- An SDG operator. Juli often serves by Chief Haro's side and is a dedicated, but caring, professional. She personally oversees most of the Gundam's launches, keeping track of them from the moment they leave the catapult to when they safely return.
  • Kao Lyn- 'Father' to all the Neotopian Gundams, Kao Lyn is a brilliant but slightly eccentric scientist prone to speaking in gibberish while performing martial arts moves. Kao Lyn is rightfully proud of his 'children', knowing they are a near unbeatable first line of defense for Neotopia.
  • Bell Wood- A teenage prodigy, Bell Wood is in charge of providing the SDG with their own dimensional transport device to combat their enemy. In the final stages of its development, the device is accidentally damaged by Bakunetsumaru and the two spend much time arguing about this fact (Baku eager to get home, Bell stating he should have been more careful in the first place). While prone to being egotistical and self serving, Bell Wood can be moved to serve the greater good. He ultimately never gets his device working, instead relying on the captured Zakorello Gate to fill the need.
  • Mayor Margaret Gathermoon (マーガレット市長)- The talented and glamorous mayor of Neotopia, Mayor Margaret cares greatly for her citizens. Aware of the secret war, she often uses her position and quick wits to help keep the conflict secret and avoid general panic. Mayor Margaret can often be seen with paper and pencil in hand, happily sketching away an ideal view or memorable scene, both easily found in Neotopia. Her love of art is immortalised in a giant living statue of herself. The statue was briefly taken over by Zapper Zaku and the rampaging giantess nearly defeated the Gundam Force.
  • Leonardo- A moustached GM serving as Mayor's assistant.
  • Prio- Leonardo's human companion.
  • Gundamusai (ガンダムサイ)- After the final major battle against the Dark Axis invasion squad, the SDG seizes elements of their technology. One such item is the Magna Musai battleship, which is reconverted into the Gundam-themed Gundamusai. The ship is controlled by the AI program RAIMI and serves as a flagship for the Gundam Force's mission to free Lacroa and Ark. RAIMI's name is an anagram of Mirai, a reference to Mirai Yashima, who served a similar role in Mobile Suit Gundam.
  • Elmechu (エルメチュ)- Tiny mouse robots that scuttle in the dark corners of the Gundamusai. As their name implies, they resemble the MAN-08 Elmeth.
  • Gunperry- SDG transport ship. While mass-produced models are black, Chief Haro owns a custom white-painted version.
  • Keiko- Shute's mother and a teacher in Neotopia. While she is aware of her son's Gundam friends, Keiko doesn't know about their secret mission. Like most of the people in Neotopia, she finally discovered the truth when the Dark Axis launched a major attack on Neotopia.
  • Nana- Shute's baby sister. In the vision of the future created by Zeong's massive Soul Drive, we see that she'll grow up to look like a cross between Sayla and Mayor Margaret.
  • Mark- Shute's father. A musician, he spends so much time in the studio writing and recording music that he usually misses the exciting action in Neotopia... Or does he? Several clues seem to hint that Mark is really Chief Haro.
  • Sayla (セーラ)- A beautiful girl that reminds Zero of the princess of Lacroa. Sayla is a bit of a ditz, often oblivious to the action going on around her and possessing an obsession for the cakes she loves to bake. Her name is an homage to original series heroine Sayla Mass.

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