List of Super Famicom and Super Nintendo Sports Games

List Of Super Famicom And Super Nintendo Sports Games

The following is a list of Sports games developed for the Super Famicom System and Super Nintendo Entertainment System. These have been sorted according to the specific sport portrayed.

The "Ref" column shows the page(s) providing proof for a game's inclusion in each list.

Read more about List Of Super Famicom And Super Nintendo Sports Games:  American Football, Association Football (Soccer), Baseball, Basketball, Bicycle Racing, Bowling, Boxing, Cricket, Cue Sports, Dodge Ball, Extreme Sports, Fishing, Golf, Hockey, Horse Racing, Olympic Games, Rugby Football, Skiing and Snowboarding, Sumo, Tennis, Volleyball, Wrestling, Futuristic Sports, Other / Unspecified

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List Of Super Famicom And Super Nintendo Sports Games - Other / Unspecified
... Title Alternate Titles Regions Ref American Gladiators NA Sports Illustrated Championship Football Baseball All American Championship Football (EU) NA EU Tiny Toon Adventures Wacky Sports Challenge Tiny Toon ...

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