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Quantified boolean formulas · First-order logic of equality · Satisfaction in intuitionistic propositional logic · Satisfaction in modal logic S4 · First-order theory of the natural numbers under the successor operation · First-order theory of the natural numbers under the standard order · First-order theory of the integers under the standard order · First-order theory of well-ordered sets · First-order theory of binary strings under lexicographic ordering · First-order theory of a finite Boolean algebra · Stochastic satisfiability · Linear temporal logic satisfiability and model checking

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Web Template - Template Uses - Flexible Presentation
... is the need for maximum flexibility in the code and resources dedicated to the presentation logic ... presentation" (front end) and "business logic" (infrastructure) is usually an important one, because the presentation source code language may differ from other code assets the production process for the ...
Paraconsistent Logic - Notable Figures
... Notable figures in the history and/or modern development of paraconsistent logic include Alan Ross Anderson (USA, 1925–1973) ... One of the founders of relevance logic, a kind of paraconsistent logic ... Worked with Anderson on relevance logic ...
A Simple Paraconsistent Logic
... One well-known system of paraconsistent logic is the simple system known as LP ("Logic of Paradox"), first proposed by the Argentinian logician F ... are precisely those of classical propositional logic ... LP and classical logic differ only in the inferences they deem valid.) Relaxing the requirement that every formula be either true or false yields the ...
Mutually Exclusive Events - Logic
... In logic, two mutually exclusive propositions are propositions that logically cannot be true at the same time ...
Paraconsistent Logic - Applications
... Paraconsistent logic has been applied as a means of managing inconsistency in numerous domains, including Semantics ... Paraconsistent logic has been proposed as means of providing a simple and intuitive formal account of truth that does not fall prey to paradoxes such as the Liar ... Some believe that paraconsistent logic has significant ramifications with respect to the significance of Russell's paradox and Gödel's incompleteness theorems ...

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    Neither Aristotelian nor Russellian rules give the exact logic of any expression of ordinary language; for ordinary language has no exact logic.
    Sir Peter Frederick Strawson (b. 1919)

    Though living is a dreadful thing
    And a dreadful thing is it
    Life the niggard will not thank,
    She will not teach who will not sing,
    And what serves, on the final bank,
    Our logic and our wit?
    Philip Larkin (1922–1986)