List of Equipment of The Republic of Korea Army - Artillery - Self-propelled Artillery

Self-propelled Artillery

Artillery Type In service Manufacturer/Produced Notes
K9 Thunder 155mm Self-Propelled Howitzer 532 Samsung Techwin/ 1999–present Total 1,136 will be delivered until 2018
K10 ARV Ammunition Resupply Vehicle At least 18 Samsung Techwin/2006~ Total 179 will be delivered
K55/K55A1 155mm Self-Propelled Howitzer 1,180 Samsung Techwin/(1985~1997) M109A2 built under license by Samsung Techwin
modernized by Samsung Techwin
M107 175mm Self-Propelled Howitzer 100 Kept in reserve/storage.
K532 Self-Propelled Gun-Mortar 500 Kia Motors/(1988~) made under license 4.2 inch (107mm) Self-Propelled Gun-Mortar
K242A1 107mm Self-Propelled Mortar Doosan K200 self-propelled mortar variant
K281A1 81mm Self-Propelled Mortar Doosan K200 self-propelled mortar variant
  • K-9 Thunder self-propelled artillery of the ROK Armed Forces

  • K10 ARV of the ROK Armed Forces

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