List of Defunct Graphics Chips and Card Companies - Defunct Graphics Card Makers

Defunct Graphics Card Makers

  • Appian Graphics - acquired by ATI Technologies
  • Artist Grapics - acquired by ATI Technologies
  • BFG Technologies - undergoing liquidation
  • Boca Research - acquired by Zoom Telephonics
  • Cardinal Technologies - bankrupt
  • Genoa Systems - bankrupt
  • Hercules Computer Technology, Inc. - acquired by ELSA Technology, Inc., then by Guillemot
  • Media Vision - bankrupt
  • Nth Graphics - bankrupt
  • Orchid Technology - acquired by Micronics Computers, then by Diamond Multimedia
  • Paradise Systems - acquired by Western Digital, then by Philips, then de-emphasized
  • SPEA AG - German vendor in late 1990s, no longer in business
  • STB Systems - acquired by 3Dfx in 1999

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