List of Beast Machines Characters - Characters From The Original Series in The 80s

Characters From The Original Series in The 80s

Most of these characters can be seen lying around the Ark in stasis lock.

Optimus Prime
Leader of the ancient Autobots. Optimus would be seen in the Agenda pt 3 and Optimal Situation as the whole reason that the Predacon Megatron had come to Earth, as part of a plan by the original Galvatron to change history. With the unwilling help of Blackarachnia, Megatron gained access to the Ark and blasted Optimus in the head with a full power blast, blowing his head open. Blackarachnia, however, betrayed Megatron and allowed Optimus Primal to safeguard Prime's life by taking his spark into his own body, resulting in his mutation into his "Optimal" body. Once the Predacons were defeated, Prime's spark would return to its rightful owner.
Optimus Prime also appears twice in Beast Machines, once as a metallic statue which is destroyed by Vehicons, and once as holographic statue of Prime used by Megatron to fool Optimus into giving him the power of the Oracle.
Leader of the ancient Decepticons. Even though Megatron was long since defeated, his shadow still fell over the Beast Wars. Before the conflict started, a Predacon named Megatron (taking his name from the Covenant of Primus as well as the original character) discovered a message from his namesake on the Golden Disk, detailing how to use transwarp technology to go back in time and change history. Although Beast Wars Megatron would steal the golden disk and head back in time, he was reluctant to carry out his namesake's plan, especially with the discovery of vast Energon deposits. Megatron would then attempt to carry out his ancestor's instructions and kill Optimus Prime, changing the future. He failed, but this was not the last we would see of the original Megatron. Encouraged by the mutation of Optimus Primal into a massive new Optimal form, Megatron attempted to duplicate the experiment with his ancestor's spark. Shortly after taking the spark of the Decepticon Megatron, he was betrayed by Quickstrike and Tarantulas, and hurled into a lava pit. Unexpectedly however Megatron rose from the lava pit, in a new twisted transmetal dragon form. Although Megatron did not return his namesake's spark himself, the spark of the Decepticon Megatron would be returned to its rightful owner in a deleted scene from the Beast Wars third season DVD.
Air Commander of the ancient Decepticons, killed by Galvatron. He made a cameo appearance in his jet form in a dream Cheetor had in the episode "The Web". In the episode "Possession", Starscream's spark briefly possessed Waspinator's body for one episode, but he was soon defeated by Optimus Primal and cast out again. The reason for Starscream's ability to survive beyond death was revealed in the second season – a mutation in his spark had rendered it indestructible, and the Maximal attempts to duplicate this resulted in the insane Rampage. Starscream is also seen (in the "Agenda, Part III") in stasis lock in the hull of the Ark as Megatron makes his way past in an attempt to kill Optimus Prime.
One of the original Megatron's loyal lieutenants, and communications officer. Was seen in emergency stasis lock in the episode, "The Agenda, Part III".
Intelligence/Saboteur Agent. Another returning Decepticon from the original series that appeared in the three part episode, "The Agenda". After The Great War, several of the Decepticons that had been captured or that surrendered were granted amnesty. In time, one was reprogrammed and rebuilt as a Predacon, Ravage. In his upgraded form, Ravage was more humanoid and possessed active camouflage, although he could still transform into a tape cassette and even still made the same transforming sounds as the original Transformers. When the Maximals on prehistoric Earth were finally able to send a "signal" back to Cybertron, it was intercepted by the Tripredacus Council, the leaders of the Predacons, who diverted the signal and ordered Ravage on a clandestine mission to the planet aboard an advanced stealth warship, with orders to kill Megatron and all witnesses, including the Maximals. Initially, Ravage aided the Maximals in capturing Megatron. However, the imprisoned Megatron then informed Ravage of his true agenda in coming to Earth; the original Megatron had encoded a message on the Voyager Golden Record. The message would only have been found if Megatron was defeated in The Great War (which he was), and it ordered any remaining loyal followers to go to Earth (whose coordinates the record provided) in the past and attempt to attack the Autobot Ark ship while Optimus Prime was still frozen in stasis-lock. On hearing these orders from his former commander, Ravage switches sides and joined the Predacons in a massive but ultimately thwarted attack on the Maximals. Destroyed in the explosion of his ship, his last words were "Decepticons forever!"
Other Characters
Characters mentioned in the show include; Unicron (who would also appear in a flashback with Starscream in the episode "Possession") and during the Vok interrogation of Optimus Primal, Arcee, whom Rattrap humorously indicates he was related to, and briefly brain-damaged Waspinator claims he is the Insecticon Shrapnel in the episode 'Dark Designs'. Also, characters seen in the show include Prowl, Skywarp, and several other Autobots and Decepticons seen in stasis in The Ark.

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