List of Auxiliaries of The United States Navy

This is a list of auxiliaries of the United States Navy. It covers the various types of ships that support the frontline combat vessels of the United States Navy.

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  • United States Naval Fleet Auxiliary Force
  • United States Coast Guard Auxiliary
  • United States Naval Auxiliary Air Station
  • Auxiliary cruisers which are, despite their name, cruisers, a type of warship, not auxiliaries.

Read more about List Of Auxiliaries Of The United States NavyCrane Ships (AB), Colliers (AC), Auxiliary Crane Ships (T-ACS), Destroyer Tenders (AD), Degaussing Ships (ADG), Ammunition Ships (AE), Provisions Store Ships (AF, T-AF), Combat Stores Ships (AFS, T-AFS), Miscellaneous Ships (AG, T-AG), Icebreakers (AGB), Amphibious Force Command Ships (AGC), Deep Submergence Support Ship (T-AGDS), Hydrofoil Research Ship (AGEH), Environmental Research Ships (AGER), Command Ships (AGF), Missile Range Instrumentation Ships (T-AGM), Major Communications Relay Ships (AGMR), Oceanographic Research Ships (T-AGOR), Ocean Surveillance Ships (T-AGOS), Radar Picket Ships (AGR), Motor Torpedo Boat Tenders (AGP), Surveying Ships (AGS), Coastal Survey Ships (AGSC), Technical Research Ships (AGTR), Hospital Ships (AH), Dry Cargo Ships (AK, T-AK), Cargo Ship Dock (T-AKD), Advanced Auxiliary Dry Cargo Ships (T-AKE), Light Cargo Ships (AKL), Net Cargo Ships (AKN), Vehicle Cargo Ships (T-AKR), General Stores Issue Ships (AKS), Aircraft Transports (AKV, T-AKV), Net Laying Ships (AN), Fleet Oilers, Fleet Replenishment Oilers (AO, T-AO), Fast Combat Support Ships (AOE, T-AOE), Gasoline Tankers (AOG, T-AOG), Replenishment Oilers (AOR), Oil Transporters (T-AOT), Transports (AP, T-AP), Self-Propelled Barracks Ships (APB), Coastal Transports (APC), Small Coastal Transports (APc), Evacuation Transports (APH), Barracks Craft (APL), Mechanized Artillery Transports (APM), Transport and Aircraft Ferries (APV), Repair Ships (AR), Battle Damage Repair Ships (ARB), Cable Repair Ships (ARC), Internal Combustion Engine Repair Ships (ARG), Heavy-hull Repair Ship (ARH), Landing Craft Repair Ships (ARL), Repair and Salvage Ships (ARS), Salvage Lifting Vessels (ARSD), Salvage Craft Tenders (ARST), Aircraft Repair Ships (ARV, ARV(E), ARV(A)), Helicopter Aircraft Repair Ships (ARVH), Submarine Tenders (AS), Submarine Rescue Vessels (ASR), Fleet Tugs (AT), Auxiliary Ocean Tugs (ATA, T-ATA), Fleet Ocean Tugs (ATF, T-ATF), Fleet Tugs, Old (ATO), Rescue Tugs (ATR), Salvage and Rescue Ships (ATS), Seaplane Tenders (AV), Advance Aviation Base Ships (AVB, T-AVB), Destroyer Seaplane Tenders (AVD), Guided Missile Ships (AVM), Small Seaplane Tenders (AVP), Aviation Stores Issue Ships (AVS), Aircraft Transports (AVT), Distilling Ships (AW), Lighter-than-Air Aircraft Tender (AZ), Miscellaneous Classifications (IX), Screw Tugs, Yard Ferry Boats or Launches (YFB), Yard Motor Tugs (YMT), Yard Net Tenders (YN), Net Tender Tugs (YNT), Yard Tugs (YT), Large Harbor Tugs (YTB), Small Harbor Tugs (YTL), Medium Harbor Tugs (YTM)

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