List of Auxiliaries of The United States Navy - Net Tender Tugs (YNT)

Net Tender Tugs (YNT)

  • USS Hopocan (YNT-1)
  • USS Menewa (YNT-2)
  • USS Oneka (YNT-3)
  • USS Mahaska (YNT-4)
  • USS Keshena (YNT-5)
  • USS Canasatego (YNT-6)
  • USS Donacona (YNT-7)
  • USS Mankato (YNT-8)
  • USS Metea (YNT-9)
  • USS Okisko (YNT-10)
  • USS Nawat (YNT-11)
  • USS Tamaha (YNT-12)
  • USS Wapasha (YNT-13)
  • USS Namontack (YNT-14)
  • USS Cockenoe (YNT-15)
  • USS Katlian (YNT-16)
  • USS Neswage (YNT-17)
  • USS Annawan (YNT-18)
  • USS Metacom (YNT-19)
  • USS Tamaque (YNT-20)
  • USS Marin (YNT-21)
  • USS Noka (YNT-22)
  • USS Nawat (YNT-23)
  • USS Wapello (YNT-24)

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