Linked Genes

  • (noun): Any pair of genes that tend to be transmitted together.
    Synonyms: linkage group

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Genetics Of Humans - Genetic Differences and Inheritance Patterns - X-linked and Y-linked Inheritance
... X-linked genes are found on the sex X chromosome ... X-linked genes just like autosomal genes have both dominant and recessive types ... Recessive X-linked disorders are rarely seen in females and usually only affect males ...

Famous quotes containing the words genes and/or linked:

    Whether you want it or not,
    your genes have a political past,
    your skin a political tone.
    your eyes a political color.
    you walk with political steps
    on political ground.
    Wislawa Szymborska (b. 1923)

    O Nature, and O soul of man! how far beyond all utterance are your linked analogies! not the smallest atom stirs or lives in matter, but has its cunning duplicate in mind.
    Herman Melville (1819–1891)