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  • Line (electrical engineering), a circuit
    • A power line for electric power transmission
    • line power or lines power, domestic mains electricity
    • telephone line
    • RF transmission line
    • Line level, a common standard for audio signals
  • Line (video), a measure of video display resolution or image resolution
  • line, former name of the unit of magnetic flux, the Maxwell
  • Line (unit), an obsolete unit of length equal to one-twelfth or one-tenth of an inch
  • Line (geometry), an infinitely-extending one-dimensional figure that has no curvature
  • line: a medical catheter, particularly one used for intravenous treatment
    • CVP line
    • PICC line
    • umbilical line
  • Line (text file), a row of characters as a unit of organization within text files
  • A "line of longitude" or "line of latitude" in geography. "The Line" may refer to the equator.
  • Relationships in genetics and genealogy, such as Lineage and kinship and descent
  • Color Lines, or Lines, a computer puzzle game

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