Lillooet may refer to:

  • Lillooet, a town in the Fraser Canyon in British Columbia.
  • the St'at'imc people, also known as the Lillooet people
  • The Lillooet language, also known under the names of its dialects St'at'imcets and Ucwalmícwts
  • The Lillooet Tribal Council, which is the usual English name for the largest tribal council of the St'at'imc people
  • the Lillooet Indian Band is the usual name for the government now known as T'it'q'et First Nation

Lillooet is found on many geographic features:

  • The Lillooet River, a tributary of the Fraser River
  • Lillooet Lake, a lake on the Lillooet River
  • The Lillooet Ranges, a subdivision of the Coast Mountains
  • The Lillooet Icecap an icefield in the Coast Mountains, about 200k north of Vancouver and at the head of the Lillooet and Bridge Rivers
  • The Lillooet Glacier, a tongue of the Lillooet Icecap which is the source of the Lillooet River.
  • Lillooet Mountain is one of the peaks of the Lillooet Icecap

It is also common in administrative names:

  • Squamish-Lillooet Regional District is a regional district in British Columbia, Canada
  • the Lillooet Land District is a legal land-survey region of British Columbia dating to the founding of the colony in 1858 used in all property and legal documents
  • Yale-Lillooet is a provincial electoral district or "riding" in British Columbia which superseded:
    • Lillooet was a historical provincial electoral district 1871- 1890 and 1903-1966. It was among the province's original twelve ridings
    • Lillooet West was a historical provincial electoral district in the 1894, 1898 and 1890 British Columbia elections
    • Lillooet East was a historical provincial electoral district in the 1894, 1898 and 1890 British Columbia elections
    • and parts of the original Yale riding.
    • NB the original federal district including the town and area of Lillooet was Cariboo (electoral district).

Other articles related to "lillooet":

Cayoosh Pass
... Pass (1,275 m / 4,183 ft) is a mountain pass in the Lillooet Ranges of the Pacific Ranges of the southern Coast Mountains in British Columbia, Canada ... It lies just west of Duffey Lake on BC Highway 99 between the towns of Lillooet and Pemberton, formed by the headwaters of Cayoosh Creek to the east, flowing to the Fraser River at Lillooet, and Joffre Creek to ... Creeks form the southern boundary of the Cayoosh Range, a subrange of the Lillooet Ranges ...
Mount Brew (Lillooet Ranges)
... Mount Brew is a mountain located 12 km (7 mi) south of Lillooet and 44 km (27 mi) north of Skihist Mountain ... lies on the western side of the Fraser River just south of Lillooet and is the third-highest mountain of the Lillooet Ranges after Skihist Mountain and Petlushkwohap ...