Li Xian

Li Xian may refer to:

  • Emperor Mozhu of Western Xia (r. 1226–1227), name Li Xian (李睍), Tangut emperorli>
  • Emperor Zhongzong of Tang (656–710), name Li Xian (李顯), Tang Dynasty emperor
  • Li Chengqi (679-742), also known as Li Xian (李憲), Tang Dynasty prince, son of Emperor Ruizong
  • Li Xian (chancellor) (709-766; 李峴), Tang Dynasty official
  • Li Xian (Tang Dynasty prince) (653–684; 李賢), Tang Dynasty prince, son of Emperor Gaozong
  • Li Xian (Xin Dynasty) (李憲; died 30), Xin Dynasty general

Other articles related to "li xian, li":

Li Xian (Tang Dynasty Prince)
... Li Xian (李賢) (653–684), courtesy name Mingyun (明允), formally Crown Prince Zhanghuai (章懷太子), named Li De (李德) from 672 to 674, was a crown prince of the ... He became crown prince in 675 after his older brother Li Hong's death (which traditional historians believed to be a poisoning by Empress Wu), but soon ... In 680, Empress Wu had her associates accuse Li Xian of treason, and he was demoted to commoner rank and exiled ...
Li Xian (chancellor) - During Emperor Daizong's Reign
... Emperor Suzong died in 762 and was succeeded by Li Chu (whose name had been changed to Li Yu by that point) (as Emperor Daizong) ... Emperor Daizong made Li Xian the military governor (Jiedushi) of Jingnan Circuit (荊南, headquartered in modern Jingzhou, Hubei) and put him in charge of selecting officials from the Yangtze and Huai ... He later recalled Li Xian to serve as the minister of rites and the minister of imperial clan affairs (宗正卿, Zongzheng Qing) ...
Li Xian (chancellor) - During Emperor Suzong's Reign
... Emperor Xuanzong's son and crown prince Li Heng (note different character than Li Xian's brother) did not follow Emperor Xuanzong on the trek to Chengdu, but instead fled to Lingwu, where he was ... in the realm, and one of Emperor Suzong's younger brothers, Li Lin the Prince of Yong, was given the areas of Shannan East (山南東道, headquartered in modern Xiangfan, Hubei), Lingnan ... After Li Lin reported to his post, however, it became clear that Li Lin intended to rule the area as his own realm independent from Emperors Xuanzong and Suzong, and he further intended to incorporate other ...
Li Yiyan - During Emperor Gaozong's Reign
... During the Linde era (of Emperor Gaozong's reign (664-665), Li Yiyan served as the magistrate of Baishui County (白水, in modern Weinan, Shaanxi) and ... regent, the chancellor Hao Chujun vehemently opposed, and Li concurred with Hao, eventually leading to Emperor Gaozong abandoning the idea ... In 676, Li was given the designation Tong Zhongshu Menxia Sanpin (同中書門下三品), making him a chancellor de facto ...