HU, Hu or hu may refer to:

  • .hu, the Internet country code top-level domain for Hungary
  • Hu (digraph), used primarily in Classical Nahuatl
  • Hu (vessel), a type of ancient Chinese bronze vessel
  • Fu (kana), also romanised as Hu, Japanese kana ふ and フ
  • Hungarian language, ISO 639 alpha-2, hu
  • Hainan Airlines, from their IATA airline code
  • Hollywood Undead, an American rap rock band
  • Holographic Universe, in quantum gravity and string theories
  • Hounsfield Units, on the Hounsfield scale, a unit of measurement used on a computed tomography machine (CAT)
  • Wu Hu, an ancient Chinese term for five nomadic tribes surrounding ancient China

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Adir Hu - History
... The tune of Adir Hu has gone through several variations over the years, but its origin is from the German minnesinger period ... The earliest existing music for Adir Hu is found in the 1644 "Rittangel Hagada" ... leaving the synagogue was "Bau Gut" ("build well"), a reference to Adir Hu ...
Hu, Egypt
... Hu (Arabic هُ‎) is the modern name of an Egyptian town on the Nile, which in more ancient times was the capital of the 7th Nome of Upper Egypt ... The main city was referred to as Hu(t)-sekhem, which was abbreviated as Hu ... Hu was the centre of the cult surrounding Bat, a goddess in Egyptian mythology ...
... Huépac is connected to Banámichi and Aconchi by a paved highway ... Huépac was founded in 1644 by the Jesuit missionary Gerónimo de la Canal with the name of San Lorenzo de Güepaca ...
Hu Wanlin - Background
... Hu Wanlin was born in the city of Mianyang, Sichuan Province and only completed primary education ... Hu then went to Henan in June 1998 ... Hu's 'treatments' were thought to have resulted in the death of at least 146 people ...
Nhuan Xuan Le - Early Life
... father was a native of Hà Nội (Northern Vietnam) who came to Huế, the then imperial capital (Central Vietnam) to be a mandarin under Emperor Bảo Đại who had been at ... His mother, a native of Huế, was daughter of a royal physician under Emperor Khải Định (Bảo Đại's father) ... He went to school in Huế, and was many years chosen as one of the best schoolboys to receive awards presented by Empress Nam Phuong (Bảo Đại's wife) ...