Yun may refer to:

  • Yǔn, tribal polity from Turan
  • Yun (狁). Chinese name a Xionites (later, Huns), nomadic tribe of Central Asia
  • Yun (Burmese name), a Burmese family name or first name
  • Yun (Chinese name), a Chinese family name
  • Yun (Korean name), common of a Korean family name Yoon (尹)
  • Yun, common of Korean surname Yeon (燕:延)
  • Yun, common of Korean surname Lyun (連)
  • Yun (Street Fighter), a Street Fighter character
  • Yun (Elfquest), an Elfquest character
  • Yun, the name of a Dark Jedi in the Star Wars Expanded Universe
  • Yun County, Hubei, in China
  • Yun County, Yunnan, in China
  • Yunnan, abbreviated as Yún, province of China
  • Brother Yun, a Chinese Christian

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