LH, Lh, or lh may stand for:

  • Laurel and Hardy
  • Leasehold (Tenure)
  • Left-handed or left hand
  • Letterhead, the heading at the top of a sheet of letter paper
  • lh, a digraph for many languages
  • loadhigh, an MS-DOS command that loads a program into the upper memory area
  • A type of Single-mode optical fiber
  • LH platform, a type of Chrysler car made from 1993 through 2004: New Yorker, 300M, Concorde, LHS, Intrepid and Vision
  • The Literary and Historical Society, the debating union of University College Dublin
  • "Little Hide", 1998 debut single by Snow Patrol
  • Linkhero
  • Lovehammers
  • Late Helladic period in the history of ancient Greece during the Bronze Age

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