Leslie Desmond Foster Vesey-Fitzgerald - Works (selected)

Works (selected)

  • 1940: On the Vegetation of Seychelles
  • 1955: The Vegetation of the Outbreak Areas of the Red Locust (Nomadacris Septemfasciata Serv.) in Tanganyika and Northern Rhodesia
  • 1955: Vegetation of the Red Sea coast south of Jedda, Saudi-Arabia. J. of Ecology 43:477-489
  • 1957: The Vegetation of the Red Sea coast north of Jedda. Saudi Arabia. J. of Ecol. 45:547-562.
  • 1957: The vegetation of Central and Eastern Arabia. J. Ecol. 45_779-798
  • 1958: The Snakes of Northern Rhodesia and the Tanganyika Borderlands Brown Knight & Truscott London
  • 1963: Annotated List of Grasses Collected in the Congo Drainage Basin of Northern Rhodesia and Tanganyika
  • 1963: Central African Grasslands
  • 1973: East African Grasslands East African Pub. House

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