Leper Colony

A leper colony, leprosarium, or lazar house is a place to quarantine people with leprosy. The term Lazaretto can refer to quarantine sites, which were at some time also leper colonies.

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Leper Colony - Political Aspects
... In 2001, government-run leper colonies in Japan came under judicial scrutiny, leading to the determination that the Japanese government had mistreated the patients, and the District Court ordered Japan to pay ...
Toussaint (leper Chief)
... Toussaint was the chief of a leper colony in South America (ca.1890 - ???, in Chacachacare), known for his appearance in the book Papillon ... The book recounted the escapes of Henri Charrière from the French penal colony of Devil's Island in French Guiana ... Clusiot and Maturette, escaped from the penal colony ...
Satyananda Stokes - Early Life
... In 1904, aged 22, Samuel came to India to work at a leper colony located at Subathu in the Simla Hills ... The lepers needed him and adored him and the other local people treated him with great respect because he was a white man doing a pious job ... need of their son, they supplied him with considerable money, which he used both for the leper colony and for helping local villagers in small ways, all of which ...
Lenny Bruce - Personal Life - Legal Troubles
... He had been soliciting donations for a leper colony in British Guiana (now Guyana) under the auspices of the "Brother Mathias Foundation", which he had ... foundation, the actual existence of the Guiana leper colony, and the inability of the local clergy to expose him as an impostor ... he had made about $8,000 in three weeks, sending $2,500 to the leper colony and keeping the rest ...

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    Being thrown out of this place is significantly better than being thrown out of a leper colony.
    Blake Edwards (b. 1922)