Legal System

  • (noun): A system for interpreting and enforcing the laws.

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Mentalism (discrimination) - The Legal System
... With regard to legal protections against discrimination, mentalism may only be covered under general frameworks such as the disability ... In terms of the legal system itself, the law is traditionally based on technical definitions of sanity and insanity, and so the term 'sanism' may be used in response ... all participants in the mental disability law system litigants, fact finders, counsel, and expert and lay witnesses." There is also widespread ...
Los Angeles County Department Of Regional Planning - Law, Government and Politics - Legal System
... show Extra (based in nearby Glendale) found itself running so many reports on the legal problems of local celebrities that it spun them off into a separate show, Celebrity Justice ...
Sources of Modern Hindu Law - Legislation
... While it is not a traditional source of law for the Hindu legal system, it is the latest and most legitimate form ... British codified several aspects of the Hindu legal tradition into the Indian legal system, with the assumption that all Indians were Hindus ... were maintained as such, making the Indian Constitution and legal system heavily laden with Hindu legal traditions at its foundation ...
Hong Kong/Archive 8 - Governance - Legal System and Judiciary
... is the supreme court of Hong Kong Hong Kong's legal system is completely independent from the legal system of mainland China ... In contrast to mainland China's civil law system, Hong Kong continues to follow the English Common Law tradition established under British rule ... Structurally, the court system consists of the Court of Final Appeal, the High Court, which is made up of the Court of Appeal and the Court of First Instance, and the District Court, which includes the Family Court ...

Famous quotes containing the words legal system, system and/or legal:

    There are ... two minimum conditions necessary and sufficient for the existence of a legal system. On the one hand those rules of behavior which are valid according to the system’s ultimate criteria of validity must be generally obeyed, and on the other hand, its rules of recognition specifying the criteria of legal validity and its rules of change and adjudication must be effectively accepted as common public standards of official behavior by its officials.
    —H.L.A. (Herbert Lionel Adolphus)

    We now come to the grand law of the system in which we are placed, as it has been developed by the experience of our race, and that, in one word, is SACRIFICE!
    Catherine E. Beecher (1800–1878)

    If he who breaks the law is not punished, he who obeys it is cheated. This, and this alone, is why lawbreakers ought to be punished: to authenticate as good, and to encourage as useful, law-abiding behavior. The aim of criminal law cannot be correction or deterrence; it can only be the maintenance of the legal order.
    Thomas Szasz (b. 1920)