Laundering may refer to:

  • Laundry, washing clothes
  • Child laundering, the illegal acquisition of children through monetary transactions, etc.
  • Money laundering, disguising the origin of illegally gained wealth
  • Policy laundering, disguising the origin of legislation

Other articles related to "laundering":

Policy Laundering - Hiding The Real Objective of A Policy
... One manifestation of policy laundering is claiming a different underlying objective for a policy than is actually the case ... Yet another manifestation of policy laundering is to implement legal policy which a subset of legislators desire but would normally not be able to obtain approval through regular means ... ACTA is legislation laundering on an international level of what would be very difficult to get through most Parliaments ...
Crime In The United Arab Emirates - Money Laundering
... The UAE is vulnerable to money laundering due to its position as a major commercial driver in the region ... A law was enacted in January 2002 for the purpose of curbing money laundering ... However, despite government efforts to combat money laundering, regulation of banking is still developing ...
Asia/Pacific Group On Money Laundering - Role
... and training with donor countries and agencies conducting research and analysis into money laundering and terrorist financing trends and methods and participating in ... their obligations to implement the global anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing standards ... The APG has a Typologies Working Group which examines trends in money laundering and terrorist financing in the Asia-Pacific region ...
Policy Laundering
... Policy laundering is the disguising of the origins of political decisions, laws, or international treaties ... The term is based on the similar money laundering ...