Laughlin may refer to:

  • Places
    • Laughlin, California
    • Laughlin, Nevada
    • Laughlin Air Force Base
    • Laughlin (Nevada gaming area)
  • People
    • Craig Laughlin (former hockey player)
    • Don Laughlin (gaming entrepreneur)
    • Billy Laughlin (actor)
    • Harry Laughlin (eugenicist)
    • James Laughlin (poet)
    • James Laurence Laughlin (economist)
    • Robert B. Laughlin (physicist)
    • Tom Laughlin (born 1931), American actor
    • Tom Laughlin (born 1971), American professional wrestler better known as Tommy Dreamer
    • William S. Laughlin (anthropologist)

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Laughlin River Run
... Laughlin River Run is an annual gathering of motorcycle enthusiasts in Laughlin, Nevada ...
Maria Gertrudis Barceló - Legacy
... In 1948 Ruth Laughlin wrote the novel The Wind Leaves No Shadow with Barceló as the protagonist ... While Laughlin clearly intended to be sympathetic to Barceló, racist assumptions nonetheless guided the novel's content ... Except Barceló, the Mexicans in Laughlin's novel conform to stereotypes as jealous, superstitious, lustful, or even as outright murderers ...
Laughlin Wavefunction
... In condensed matter physics, the Laughlin wavefunction is an ansatz, proposed by Robert Laughlin for the ground state of a two-dimensional electron gas placed in ... Laughlin received one third of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1998 for this discovery ... of the LLL state with the lowest orbital angular momentum, then the Laughlin ansatz for the multiparticle wavefunction is where position is denoted by and normalization in (Gaussian ...
The Historic New Orleans Collection - Notable Collections - Clarence John Laughlin Collection
... THNOC also maintains the substantial Clarence John Laughlin collection, which contains film negatives, transparencies, photographs and prints spanning the decades from ... The collection documents Laughlin's life and work throughout both New Orleans and the world ...