Lat-Lon, LLC

Lat-Lon provides Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking and monitoring solutions to the transportation industry. Lat-Lon was founded in 1999 by Dave Baker and Steve Tautz. Lat-Lon is a privately held limited liability company and is partially owned by Tegra Corp of Sioux City, IA, founded in 1918.

Lat-Lon's RailRider units are deployed world wide on railcars, semi-trailers, shipping containers, locomotives, delivery vehicles, heavy equipment, and barges. Lat-Lon has several patents for its unique, self-contained, solar powered, GPS tracking and monitoring units. Lat-Lon collects data from intelligent wireless sensing devices and this information is communicated through cellular (GPRS), radio, or satellite modem to Lat-Lon for further processing. Customers can access data from anywhere through the Internet.

Shippers use the location and monitoring data to improve utilization, productivity, reduce maintenance, increase security, and improve customer support. Managers can quickly get answers to their logistics questions by running reports or viewing maps on the website. Data can also be passed directly to corporate fleet management computer systems for a complete integrated system with all lading information

Image:Solar Powered Tracking Unit (STU)