Kun may refer to:

  • Kun (鯤) and Peng, two forms of a creature from Chinese mythology
  • Kun is the name of the moon-god in Finnish mythology
  • Kunqu or Kun Opera, a Chinese opera genre
  • kun (君), a Japanese honorific
  • the kun'yomi (音) reading of Kanji
  • one of a pair of mountain peaks in the Nun Kun massif in Kashmir, India
  • nickname of Argentine footballer Sergio Agüero
  • The Arabic verb (كن) "to be" in imperative form, supposedly the Word Allah uttered to create the universe.
  • a named place in the Papua region of Indonesia
  • the IATA airport code for Kaunas Airport in Kaunas, Lithuania
  • Béla Kun, a Hungarian communist politician.
  • In Star Wars Kun is the Emperor's grandson/Triclops son.
  • Used in Bamboo clothing (bamboo viscose) "It is anti-bacterial with a unique anti-bacterial agent named kun".

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